Thessaloniki Metro: TBMs are nearing the finishing line

Thessaloniki Metro: TBMs are nearing the finishing line

Thessaloniki Metro’s TBMs are expected to finish their underground journey by mid-February, John Milopoulos, Attiko Metro SA Chairman, said. “As we speak, the moles are digging the last part of the tunnel between Patrikios and Analipsi stations”. Analipsi is the last station of the network. The TBM currently digging in in Patrikios station will finish the tunnel by mid-January. This was the most challenging and costly part of the project as we had to go as deep as 25-30 meters.”, he added.

“In 2017, all levels of the stations are going to be completed apart from the stations of Aghia Sofia and Venizelos. Four days ago, the mayor of Thessaloniki, the Ministry of Culture and Attiko Metro SA, co-signed the approval of the project plan of Venizelos station. It will also feature and open archaeological site and a footbridge. We are essentially building the city of 2020”, Mr. Milopoulos noted.

Attiko Metro SA Chairman, re-highlighted that the project has secured all necessary funds and is proceeding on schedule: “The Main Line and Kalamaria Line have no funding problems whatsoever. What is left to be sorted is reserving some more funds for the future extensions. There are going to be 3 more lines; 2 to Evosmos-Menemeni and Neapoli-Stavroupoli and one extending from Kalamaria to the Airport. These lines are prioritized, as working-class people residing in these areas are commuting to work under difficult conditions on a daily basis.”



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