Peloponnese: Historic day for the Greek Motorways as Moreas inaugurates

Peloponnese: Historic day for the Greek Motorways as Moreas inaugurates

This day is definitely a milestone for the country’s motorway network as Moreas’ Motorway ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in Kalamata, signifying the beginning of the end of a decade-long period of construction works. Earlier today, PM Alexis Tsipras, officially inaugurated the first fully ready motorway of Greece.

The total of Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata, Lefktro-Sparta (released on April 16th, 2016) branches and Kalamata’s ring road (the last section, 11.5 km long) with an overall length of 205 km, is the only conceded motorway project that did not stop due to financing difficulties in the period 2011-2013. On the contrary, it experienced a “freeze” between the end of 2013 and 2015 but succeeded to resume and catch up with the schedule.

The motorway was originally tendered in 2005 and the concession was signed 2 years later with MOREAS SA, including: the implementation of the project plan and the funding, construction, operation and maintenance of the road for 30 years. MOREAS is a joint venture and construction consortium consisting of AKTOR Consessions SA (71.67%), J&P AVAX (15%) and INTRACOM SA Holdings (13.33%).

The chronology and characteristics of the project

Since 2010, the project was progressing satisfyingly with partial releases of new sections over the years. Today, the finished motorway, has dropped the time distance between Athens and Kalamata to just 2.15’, avoiding entirely the obsolete and dangerous road network that was still in use till the recent past.

Moreas features 205 km of modern motorway, with 2 lanes, plus  shoulder, per direction (apart from Lefkro-Sparta branch, Paradisia-Tsakona section and Kalamata’s ring road, without shoulder), 24 flyovers, 251 bridges with a total length of 12.6 km and 5 twin tunnels. A distance breakdown follows:

Road  Figures

Corinth-Kalamata: 159 km

Lefktro-Sparta: 46 km


Sterna: 900 m.

Neohori: 700 m.

Artemisio: 1.4 km

Kalogeriko: 700 m.

Rapsomati: 1.3 km

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