Ionian Motorway: The first, 26 km long section now in operation

Ionian Motorway: The first, 26 km long section now in operation

It was the 19th of December 2006, when the Minister of Infrastructure, at the time, George Souflias was signing the concession with “Nea Odos” joint venture for the Ionian Motorway that would connect Antirrio with Ioannina. It took exactly a decade, plus 8 days for the first section to be released.

A few hours ago, Infrastructure Minister, Christos Spirtzis set Kouvaras to Amfilohia motorway section, 26 km long, officially in operation. This was the first ribbon-cutting ceremony of Ionian Motorway while there are a few others to follow till the completion of the project, in late March 2017 with minor pending construction works.  

For the time being, motorway users will be enjoying a toll-free drive, as there are no operational toll stations in this section. When completed, in March, the already released section, will provide 2 rest areas for the drivers: one in Amvrakia area and one further north in Amfilohia. In chainage 93.7 km, there is going to be a vantage point park, a balcony offering the visitors an impressive view to Amfilohia Castle.

Kouvaras-Amfilohia along with the preceding section between Kefalovryso and Kouvaras, form a continuous motorway section with a length of 59 km. These sections combined, are estimated to decrease time distance between Kefalovryso and Amfilohia by 20 minutes in total. Ionian motorway features 2 lanes per direction, plus shoulder.

Mihalis Gourzis, Vice Chairman of TERNA, the construction company of the project, told “I am really satisfied, we made huge efforts that were proved to be fruitful, especially after the release of the first section today. In February, we are releasing Klokova-Kefalovriso and by the end of March, the entirety of the Motorway.”



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