All time record for Athens International Airport as it crosses the 20 million passengers’ threshold

All time record for Athens International Airport as it crosses the 20 million passengers’ threshold

Last year verified AIA’s high expectations regarding passenger traffic as in 2016 a new all-time record was achieved and consequently the optimistic, 20 million passengers’ barrier was broken for the very first time.

This figure signifies both Athens’ increasing popularity as a touristic destination and the Airport’s new challenge to be prepared for a busier 2017. had predicted a few weeks earlier that the 20 million passengers’ threshold would be probably crossed for just a few thousands; the final figure for 2016, was indeed 20,17,530 recording an impressive increase of 10.7% compared to 2015 or 1.9 million more passengers.

This distinction is a continuation of a positive streak and consecutive records since 2013. It is rather impressive that compared to 2012, with a disappointing 12 million passengers, AIA has built up a stunning 70% increase within just 4 years.

Only in December 2016, the recorded traffic was 1.35 million surpassing December 2015 by 14.3%. The statistic breakdown regarding passenger traffic is really encouraging too: domestic flights’ passengers increased by 8.3% and international flights’ passengers by 18%. Greek passengers increased by a dynamic 19% and international passengers by 7%.

Both domestic and international flights’ passengers increased in double figures: 11.2% and 10.4% respectively reaching 7.15 million and 12.87 million. These significant increases reflect surge in Greek passengers (+15%) and foreign visitors (+8%).

Flights 2016
The total number of flights for 2016 in AIA was 189k, increased by 7.4% compared to 2015. More specifically, domestic flights increased by 6.4% and international flights by 8.1%.

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