Contenders line up as 200mn-euro, "golden" contract is up for grabs for Astir Vouliagmeni

Contenders line up as 200mn-euro, "golden" contract is up for grabs for Astir Vouliagmeni

The biggest, private construction project is about to start. The restoration of the historic “Astir Vouliagmeni” will cover an area of almost 75 acres along with 3 hotels: “Nausika”, “Arion” and “Aphrodite” (which is not operational at the moment). The overall cost is estimated to be roughly 200mn euros.

The tender will be carried out by EGC Equity Partners, which is the also the current proprietor. The contract is expected to attract all major construction conglomerates of the country, with a specific company having a rumored head start, due its increased experience and focus on hotel-related projects.

The construction standards of the new buildings will be particularly strict regarding their construction quality and their environmental impact following the related international trends set by luxurious touristic facilities. The race against the clock will be also a challenge as the property must become operational in just 12 months (April 2018), so it can be available for the touristic high season, next year.

Renovation works include, among others, extensive refurbishments, demolitions of existing structures, the erection of 13 super-lux residences by the sea, the construction of an international standards marina, the protection and promotion of the archaeological site and the increase of green spaces in the property by 25.000 m2.

After the completion of Nausika Hotel’s restoration, it will feature 132 rooms, 22 suites, a completely renovated interior and a bar-restaurant with a capacity of 140 people, by the pool.

Arion Hotel will be offering 122 rooms, 20 of which will be suites. Again, there will be brand new interiors, high-standard conference room and events hall, state-of-the-art spa facilities along with fully renovated outdoor spaces and a pool.



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