Thessaloniki-Xanthi new high speed railway line

Thessaloniki-Xanthi new high speed railway line

One of the most important railway projects of the forthcoming decade is on. “Railway Egnatia”, the country’s next constructional vision has entered its studies stage, at least as far as the eastern section is concerned. According to safe information provided at, 2 major studies are currently implemented regarding a project costing 1.2bn euros.

What OSE has started, is essentially a pre-study for the section between Thessaloniki and Amfipoli, with a length of 180 km, completely new high speed line, shifted towards the eastern side of Thessaloniki and across the lakes of the prefecture. From that point and on, the lines will be following a course to Kavala’s new Port (Nea Karvali) to reach Amfipoli, further down.

It will be an electrified, single track line with modernized signaling that will be able to support high speed trains, up to 200 km/h. The estimated cost of the project is roughly 1bn as major accompanying works will be required across a difficult terrain. Final studies are expected by the end of 2019.

The second bit of the project, between Amfipoli and Toksotes Xanthis, with a length of 35 km, has already started by ERGOSE. Once again, is a completely brand new high speed line who will converge with the existing line in Xanthi area. The new line will be having the aforementioned technical characteristics and the overall cost of the project is estimated to be around 250mn euros. All environmental terms have been approved and, what is left to be sorted is its funding.

When completed, the distance between Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli will be cut down by 130 km, decreasing the time required to connect Northern Greece’s cities by 50%(!).

Time distances after the completion of the project:

-Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli: 2.45’ (currently 6 hours)

-Thessaloniki-Xanthi: 1.30`

-Thessaloniki-Kavala: 1 hour



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