E65 Motorway: EIB positive to fund the construction of the northern section

E65 Motorway: EIB positive to fund the construction of the northern section

The implementation plan for E65’s northern section is proceeding as Infrastructure Minister, Christos Spirtzis, answering journalists’ questions mentioned that a meeting with European Investment Bank took place. “E65 project after its amendment, is very much like a bridge in the middle of Sahara Desert. Its starting and ending points were removed. What we’ve done so far is to resume all procedures regarding the southern section as well while we’re waiting for European Commission’s approvals”, he added.

“We’ve discussed with EIB about the northern section. It is our duty [to implement it] as it serves all Central Greece and, both southern and northern sections will be public roads. This project is quite mature by now. EIB is positive on the fact that northern and southern sections should proceed.

The completion of Epirus’ road infrastructure relies, in my opinion, on Para-Ionia, the road connections between the region’s major urban centers as well as the connection of Ionia with the Albanian borders. This is an idea that we discussed with the second-grade local administration authorities and it must be fulfilled as it will add value to the area”, Mr. Spirtzis stated.


Ksiniada-Trikala section, under completion

We should also remind to our readers that the central bit of E65 Motorway will be released soon. The section extends from Domokos (Ksiniada) to Trikala, in the heart of Thessaly, with a length of 80 km. The current construction progress is more than 90%.

The southern section of E65, between Lamia and Ksiniada, 33 km long, will be the connecting road with Athens-Thessaloniki motorway axis. The contractor for its construction is GEK-TERNA and works are expected to commence even as early as this summer as all relevant approvals from Brussels are almost through.

With regard to the 62-km-long, northern section, likewise the southern one, the amended concession contract in 2013 excluded it from the conceded E65 motorway and postponed its materialization. The construction of E65’s northern axis ending at Kipourio (Grevena) has an estimated cost of 400mn euros.


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