Ionian Motorway to reach Epirus region soon

Ionian Motorway to reach Epirus region soon

Good news for Epirus region regarding the completion of Ionian Motorway. Well-informed sources told that quite possibly by next Monday, February 20th, Kampi-Perdika section will be released. The exact date is yet to be confirmed though.

The existing Arta-Filippiada Detour (from the 129th to 145th km) along with the recently constructed, Kampi-Perdika section (from the 145th to 182nd km) will be creating a solid, covered motorway with a length off 53 km, shortening time distance to and from Ioannina, the capital of Epirus region, at the northwestern borders of the country, by 30 minutes.

57% of Ionian Motorway, already operational

Kampi-Perdika and Kefalovriso-Amfilohia combined, offer 112 km of motorway, covering more than 57% of Ionian Motorway’s overall length (196 km). When completed, time distance between Athens and Ioannina will be just 4 hours and 20 minutes. Till then, drivers must be very cautious as the journey includes 4 switches between the new and the old road networks.

Another interesting piece of information is the fact that the imminent release of the aforementioned section signifies the advent of Ionian Motorway in the region of Epirus for the very first time, fulfilling the dream of a continuous covered motorway to Peloponnese by 50%, at least for the time being.

Another “mature” section, whose release will probably follow soon would be Gavrolimni-Kefalovriso section, 32 km long. On the contrary, Amfilohia-Pellana (15 km) will be certainly delayed and released along with the final connection of Ionian Motorway with Egnatia Motorway, thus concluding the project.



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