Central Greece’s Motorway gradually takes shape

Central Greece’s Motorway gradually takes shape

The issue of Central Greece’s Motorway operation is still pending as the country’s 5th covered motorway axis is now the only one that hasn’t released any section to traffic. Construction works are still in progress with the road’s southern end, for a length of approximately 6 km, lagging considerably behind as the section hasn’t even reached the stage of asphalting.

Unsettled expropriations are to blame, extending in 8.5 km in total, thus affecting the under-construction road connection between the existing network and the new motorway. Nevertheless, and despite all present setbacks, obstructing the project’s completion, the Ministry of Infrastructure reassures that Central Motorway will be available for the drivers by the end of August, in accordance with the given deadlines, for the entirety of its 80 km.

Central Motorway and the new railway line running side by side

From a technical, and aesthetic, point of view it is very interesting that the road and the railway line, in the South, run alongside each other. Essentially, past Lamia town and almost up to Domokos area, motorway and railway follow a parallel path, setting a new attraction and point of interest for the region.

The most pleasant of the motorway-railway convergence is in Omvriaki area (46th km of Central Motorway), where the infrastructure of the road and the train lines unfold in 3 different levels (picture above) for 2 consecutive tunnels (T3 and T3A). Slightly further down, lies the old railway line that, with the completion of all construction works, will switch to offering touristic train services, as it passes through places of great natural beauty. It is reminded that Lianokladi to Domokos section is not expected to operate sooner than the Summer of 2018.


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