Thessaloniki: Makedonia International Airport upgrade works at full gallop

Thessaloniki: Makedonia International Airport upgrade works at full gallop

Upgrade works in the recently conceded to Fraport, Makedonia International Airport of Thessaloniki, are accelerating day by day, demonstrating, in the meantime, a remarkable increase regarding its passenger statistics. According to Civil Aviation Authority’s data, the airport recorded 515,177 passengers in May, continuing a dynamic streak for 2017.

The figures are truly encouraging as for this year to date, 2,134,231 passengers have been transported, representing a 10% increase or 205,307 more passengers compared to 2016. Of course, this is obvious also in the streets of Thessaloniki, as touristic traffic has skyrocketed with Aegean Airlines and Ryanair being the most important contributors.

Departures and arrivals are also indicative of the airport’s increasing traffic; from 12,690 last year (January to April), 17,848 have been recorded for the same period in 2017. This emerging reality, is very promising for major touristic resorts and destinations in the region of Central Macedonia, namely Chalkidiki and Vergina.

If the new airport management follows smart growth policies, this could bring more tourist exchange and create even brighter prospects for the city’s business environment and the local economy in general.

The extension of the existing runway, allowing the landing of larger aircrafts is synonymous to the airport’s embracing of very profitable markets such as in Southeastern Asia or America with the introduction of direct flights. That said, the airport facilities’ expansion, also set to start in 2018 and finish in 2020 is expected to give another significant boost in the city’s touristic development.



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