Athens Suburban Railway: Electrified itineraries to commence in November

Athens Suburban Railway: Electrified itineraries to commence in November

Works for the electrification of Piraeus-Athens railway section are finally under completion. The project that started about 2 years ago will be completed in the following days, according to infromation provided at, that will allow the trial operation to begin ensuring the functionality and security of the new infrastructure.

According to the same sources, from the end of November 2017, regular services of Suburban Railway will be made possible, using Piraeus as a starting point. With the operation of electrification in Piraeus-Athens section, the entire network of Athens Suburban Railway will be enter a new era of integrated, smooth service for the very first time. Nevertheless, there is still a question about the adequacy of drivers, trains and personnel at the stations, as well as the fact that, up to Athens Railway Station, there are no signaling and telecommunication systems installed yet.

The most important change is the direct connection of  Piraeus Port with Athens International Airport, which will upgrade the station and the port hugely, as a convenient and rapid connection will be established at least four years earlier than the advent of Athens Metro Line 3 (estimated operation date is 2021) in the city of Piraeus.

It is reminded that Piraeus, Lefka, Rendis, Tauros and Rouf stations are already electrified. The new routes schedules are anticipated with great interest by the privatized TRAINOSE, mainly for the itineries that concern the urban grid and can attract tens of thousands of passengers, especially during peak hours. It is noteworthy that Athens is one of the few cities in Europe where both public (i.e. OASA, OSY and STASY) and private transport providers (TRAINOSE with the Suburban Railway) are present.



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