Four never-ending infrastructure projects of Greece

Four never-ending infrastructure projects of Greece

There are many "problematic" infrastructure projects in Greece. Severely delayed due to many issues ranging from archaeological surveys to expropriations, funding continuity and reactions from local communities. 

This category of projects is fortunately shrinking, but is still here. Today,, takes a look at 4 cases that face major issues, either at the stage of construction or at their maturity process. Let's see.

Amvrakia Motorway

It concerns a “broom contract” for the completion of the “spin-off” road of Ionian Motorway axis to the town of Preveza. It will be a covered motorway and the cost is estimated at 165mio euros. It is a phasing project that is funded by NSRF. The road is expected to be delivered in 2021, at best.

Rio-Patra double railway line extension

The dream of the city and the port of Patras to be connected with the country's modern, electrified railway network by 2022, is fading away. Given a lukewarm interest by the State to boost the project and severe reactions by the local authorities, the plans for a new and modernized railway line that will serve the capital of Western Greece region, are postponed indefinitely. All relevant projects have secured funding from NSRF 2014-2020.

Athens Suburban Railway line extension to Lavrio

The extension of the Suburban Railway to Lavrio, with an estimated cost of 160mio euros, is currently moving at a relatively slow pace setting the initiation of the construction phase in the indefinite future. It concerns a 32-km long extension to Koropi and the Port of Lavrio. It will feature 10 new stations (Markopoulo, Kalivia, Kouvaras, Keratea, Daskalio 1, VIOPA Kerateas, Daskalio 2, Thoriko, Kiprianos, Lavrio) / 160mio euros

Attiki Motorway extension

The extension project of Attica Motorway is a long-standing expectation by the residents of Attica region, 16 years now. Due to the financial crisis, scenarios for its implementation were withdrawn only to re-emerge now as 2 separate projects (extension to Lavrio and Vouliagmeni Urban Tunnel).



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