Onassis National Transplant Center construction to start soon with 100m euros

Onassis National Transplant Center construction to start soon with 100m euros

A great vision is about to become a reality in the field of hospital infrastructure of the country, with the support and funding of Onassis Foundation. As it has been announced, the construction of Onassis National Transplant Center on Syngrou Avenue will begin shortly, right next to the existing Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center.

This major construction project is expected to start from the beginning of 2019. It has a budget of 100m euros, out of which 30m concern technological equipment. The new building is estimated to be completed in 3 years, in early 2022.

At the moment, according to ypodomes.com sources, no contractor has been selected, a process that will be completed very soon. The new building will cover an area of ​​7,000 sq.m., it will have 4 floors, 47 new beds, (out of which 33 will be exclusively for children), 12 ICU beds for children (5 of them will be exclusively for infants).

The new hospital will be a state-of-the-art building that will incorporate all the latest technologies while it will exceed the standards dictated by the Health Ministry.

It will also have modern infrastructure providing patients safe and quality health services and to its medical staff an ergonomic working environment allowing them to develop valuable scientific activity.

The new building will be featuing a Pediatric Transplant Unit, a heliport, laboratory equipment, 3D printing and imaging facilities, a modern surgical room with audiovisual media for teaching purposes, a library, conference halls etc.

In terms of equipment, it will have state-of-the-art technology, in line with the leading international transplantation practices. In more detail: the latest generation hybrid surgery room, hybrid imaging techniques (PET-CT, PET-MRI, SPECT-CT), hemodynamic laboratory equipped with BIPLANE digital angiography system, hemodynamic laboratory equipped with digital angiography system, SINGLE-PLANE, high-tech MRI scanner, 3D technology echocardiographs etc.

Onassis Foundation will contribute to the Center's smooth operation (in terms of equipment) and will be represented in the administration. It is noted that it has become clear that the under development Onassis National Transplant Center will be state-owned and will be receiving 20% of its budget each year as a regular subsidy.

Access to ONTC will be very easy, as it is located in Faliron Delta, very close to the intersection of three major road axes of Athens: Syngrou, Posidonos and Kifissos Avenues.


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