INTRAKAT secures 2 contracts in Patra - Pyrgos motorway construction project

INTRAKAT secures 2 contracts in Patra - Pyrgos motorway construction project

New developments in Patras - Pyrgos Motorway tender are underway as according to very well-informed sources of, contracts 5, 6. 7 and 8 (i.e. Mintilogli - Varda section) have been sent to the Court of Audit starting from September 26th, while the 5th contract (Varda to Sagaika) has already been approved . The same sources say, it is now expected -barring any unforseen circumstances- for the remaining 3 to receive the "green light".

With regard to the other 4 contracts, relevant documentation for contracts 1 and 4 is currently being prepared in order for them to be sent to the Court of Audit. Now, contracts 2 and 3 have been reversed once again as the Tender Committee did not accept the justification of the second lowest bidder, GD Infrastrutture, and as it is the procedure in such cases, the contract was passed to INTRAKAT (the third lowest bidder) by which justification of the offered discount has been also requested.

With the latest developments, we have 2 contracts per company:

J/V TOXOTIS - CONSTRUCTION GROUP: Contracts 1 and 4 (Pyrgos - Douneika and Kyllini - Varda)

- INTRAKAT: Contracts 2 and 3 (Douneika - Amaliada AND Amaliada - Kyllini)

- GD INFRASTRUTTURE: Contracts 6 and 8 (Sageika - Kato Achagia and Patra - Mintilogli)

- INTERKAT: Contracts 5 and 7 (Varda - Sageika and Kato Achagia - Patra Industrial Area).

The next steps are the most important for the tender's completion. The Ministry will decide whether to send the contracts separately or all of them for ratification to the Greek Parliament. However, it is most likely that the first 4 contracts will be sent to the Greek Parliament, individually and, depending on the developments, the rest will follow.



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