Construction works for Kasteli Airport to begin in January 2019

Construction works for Kasteli Airport to begin in January 2019

In January 2019, bulldozers will get to work for the construction of the new airport in Kasteli, Crete, Secretary of transport-related infrastructur,e in the relevant Ministry, Mr. G. Karnesis pointed out.

At the same time, Secretary General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Giorgos Dedes, announced that an amount of 10m euros has been approved for expropriations. "We already have the approval of the contract for Kasteli Airport contract, by the Court of Auditors" he commented.

Mr. Dedes added that the finalization of the decision is expected from day to day, that will then allow the ratification of the contract by the Greek Parliament and the commencement of the works, shortly after.

"Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Mr. Christos Spirtzis and I, signed the approval of the first deposits for the required expropriations. In a couple of days, 10m euros will become available in Public Investments Bank, for the first beneficiaries of the land expropriations, a solid guarantee for the implementation of Kasteli Airport project", he said.



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