PPP projects in Greece have now exceeded 1.2bn euros of investments

PPP projects in Greece have now exceeded 1.2bn euros of investments

Projects, worth a total of 1.2bn euro are currently being implemented as PPPs. According to information released on the social media by PPPs Special Secretary, Mr. Nikos Mantzoufas, 780 million euros of the abovementioned amount, concern projects that have been already completed (e.g. 24 new schools in Attica Region, Athens Public Transport telematics and electronic ticketing systems, Fire Stations etc.) or are under construction (Waste Treatment Units, broadband networks, court digital records etc.)

In addition, 420m euros have been approved by the Ministry and concern the so-called "new generation" of PPP projects, such as a part of Crete's Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK, for Hersonissos-Neapolis section), new schools in Chania and Rhodes, Rhodes Integrated Waste Management System, Athens Medical Center etc.

In the previous list projects that are to be approved in the coming period, are not included, such as Chavrias Dam, which has recently entered the "universe" of PPPs.

As Mr. Mantzoufas mentioned in the same post: "Critical to all these projects are the excellent quality, implementation times, significant competition and transparent tender procedures".

Another very important piece of news is that our country ranks third among 135 countries, by the World Bank in the category "Good tender procedures in PPP projects", while, at the same time, Greece has won many international awards.


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