Infrastructure projects that Athens still needs

Infrastructure projects that Athens still needs

As there has been a lot of discussion about Athens in terms of the necessary reconstruction and redevelopent projects, the revamp of the capital's face and the touristic development that has been rising in the recent years, it is good to remember what the city still does not have but definitely needs in order to complement its infrastructure.

Athens is a home to 4.5m people, while the urban sprawl spreads over an area starting from Thriassion Plain and ending at Koropi and from the Saronic Gulf to Aghios Stefanos.

If we want Athens to become one of the most developed cities of Europe, then it should acquire similar infrastructure as European cities of the same size. After Moscow, Paris and London, with over 8m inhabitants, Athens belongs to the same category as the cities of Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona, ​​which have roughly the same population.

So if we take a look and see what kind of infrastructure exists in these cities, we will realize that Athens, despite its large population, is still lagging behind.

Here, at, we have recorded the top-10 main shortcomings that Athens needs to obtain in the coming years. These are:

1. A Metropolitan Park

2. An extensive Metro network (generally an extensive network of fixed-rail transport)

3. Covered Market

4. Central Railway Station

5. Inter-urban buses Terminal

6. Bicycle pathways network

7. City

8. Accessibility infrastructure for the disabled

9.  Electric buses fleet 

10. Waste treatment facilities



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