Process for the concession of 23 regional airports in Greece, commenced

Process for the concession of 23 regional airports in Greece, commenced

The concession procedure for the remaining 23 Regional Airports of the country has begun. Based on a recent decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Lamda Financial Advisors assumed the duties of the Financial Adviser to assist the Directorate of Transport Infrastructure with a concession contract, for the planning process, carrying out the necessary procurement procedures and in general the responsibilities and tasks of the Contracting Authority for the concession of the following airports:

1. Alexandroupolis,

2. Ioannina,

3. Kozani,

4. Kastoria,

5. Nea Anghialos,

6. Kalamata,

7. Araxos,

8. Lemnos,

9. Chios,

10. Ikaria,

11. Skyros,

12. Milos,

13. Naxos,

14. Paros,

15. Syros,

16. Kalymnos,

17. Astypalea,

18. Sitia,

19. Leros,

20. Kassos,

21. Karpathos,

22. Kythera and

23. Kastelorizo.

This process will also result in the optimal preparation of the tender documents for the concession contract, the concession period of the airports, the long-term strategy for each of them, etc.

What is becoming clearer is that with the completion of this process, the country will have fully privatized 39 civil aviation airports; i.e. Athens, Heraklion, the 14 Regional Airports under the management of Fraport Greece and the remaining 23 Airports.



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