First train of Thessaloniki Metro has arrived in Pylea Depot

First train of Thessaloniki Metro has arrived in Pylea Depot

The unveiling of the first Thessaloniki Metro train took place yesterday in Pilea Depot. In a statement, the Chairman of Attiko Metro, Mr. Yannis Milopoulos said that: "Today marks a milestone for Thessaloniki; from the derailment of the Metro project in the previous years, we are now entering the phase of taxiing the first-ever train in the Depot."

He added that it is also a great vindication for all who worked hard for 3.5 years and believed that the city of Thessaloniki deserves better.

At the same time, he stressed that tunnels of both the Main Line and Kalamaria branch have been completed as well as the construction works at the stations. As he had previously mentioned, Syntrivani Station has been delivered while next week the delivery of Efklidis Station will follow and shortly after, Papafi Station.

Closing, he reiterated that the operation of the Main Line will commence in late 2020 and Kalamaria branch in 2021.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Mr. Christos Spirtzis linked the Metro project to PAOK F.C.'s double double success this year (i.e. Championship and Cup winner) commenting: "According to the Professor's (Mr. Mylopoulos) logic, which is confirmed, after PAOK wining the championship, the Metro is under completion and as the team conquered the "double", the extension to Kalamaria will be completed too."

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