Signatures for Patras - Pyrgos 5th, contract, 3 more to go

Signatures for Patras - Pyrgos 5th, contract, 3 more to go

After 4 contracts having been signed in April, the fifth one was signed on May 20th for the "sliced" road project regarding the upgrade of the existing Patras-Pyrgos axis into a motorway.

Signatures concerned the 2nd contract undertaken by INTRAKAT, for Amaliada-Duneika section, with a total discount of 45.50%. It is worth mentioning that this is the lowest discount that has been given among the 8 contracts that comprise the project.

Now, there are 3 more contracts left. Two of them have as a contractor the Kalogritsas-led J/V, TOKSOTIS-OMADA KATASKEVON, for Sections 1 (Pyrgos-Duneika) and 4 (Kyllini-Varda), as, according to reports, it appears that all necessary supporting documents (including tax and insurance clearance certificate, letter of guarantee, etc.) have been found and by 10-15 June their signing will have been completed, concluding the tender procedures for 7 out of 8 contracts.

It s reminded that the already signed contracts concern an overall section between Patras and Varda (with 2 companies: INTERKAT and GD Infrastrutture, managed by Emfietzoglou family).

The last pending contract is the 3rd one, from Amaliada to Kyllini, which still remains blocked at Council of State with its trial due to take place on June 11th.

The 75-km-long Patras-Pyrgos road project will transform the currently unsafe expressway into a covered motorway, slashing journey times between the two cities by about 15-20 minutes.



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