Developments for Athens' Olympic Stadium heavy maintenance project

Developments for Athens' Olympic Stadium heavy maintenance project

Stathopoulos-Faros Consultants Engineers SA won the tender conducted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, for the support of the Ministry's General Secretariat of Infrastructure and more specifically, the Department of Building Infrastructure for the required maintenance works for the Olympic facilities, the examination of the structures' static integrity of "Spyros Louis" Stadium (i.e. the Olympic Stadium), where concerning vibrations have been recorded during a football match. Additionally a dossier is to be prepared for forthcoming inspections and maintenance works of all facilities in the Olympic complex.

The company won the contract with a 7.99% discount, for the price of 132,500 euros (VAT excl.). Other participants in the tender were: ADT OMEGA CONSULTANTS ENGINEERS SA, METE SYSM SA, PRISMA CONSULTANTS ENGINEERS.

As had already revealed since March, the Ministry of Infrastructure is the contracting authority for the implementation of the relevant restoration works. The implementation of the projects was implemented in accordance with article 199 of Law 4412/2016 on public procurement. The Department of Building Infrastructure of the Ministry will be the implementing body while, for its part, the Ministry of Culture will secure the project's funding (mainly through the Public Investments Program) and provide all necessary data for the execution of the projects. It is noted that the operation, management and maintenance of OAKA's facilities remain in the jurisdiction of the Culture Ministry.

The potential restoration works of the Olympic Complex (which has not undergone any heavy maintenance since 2004) is also the main reason of the delays observed in the transfer of the property to the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (aka EESYP), that has been postponed for the end of 2020.

This is stated in the report of the European Commission published last week, which refers to delays in the transfer of the Olympic Complex to EESYP, for which there had been a commitment by the Greek authorities to complete the process by 2018.



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