Thessaloniki: Papafi Metro Station to be completed within June

Thessaloniki: Papafi Metro Station to be completed within June

"It is the first project that has provably progressed since "Syntrivani" Station. And that is "Efklidis" Station, which is now completed while the next one, "Papafi" Station, will be also delivered within this month", Chairman of Attiko Metro, Mr. Giannis Milopoulos commented on a local radio station of Thessaloniki.

Mr. Milopoulos stressed that the first train is in place and the target is for trial routes to commence in late Summer or early Autumn. He added that it is the final countdown for the completion of the Main Line and its release to operation at the end of 2020.

Regarding the extensions he said that "Kalamaria Line is planned for 2021" and added that for the extensions to the West and the Airport the aim is for the works to start on both fronts in 2021 and claim funding from NSRF 2021-2027.

Attiko Metro's Chairman underlined that there is already a hotline with Thessaloniki's new mayor. "In a communication I had with Konstantinos Zervas after the elections, he stated that his desire is for the works to go ahead and be completed". According to Mr. Milopoulos, Mr. Zervas has requested a tour around the construction sites so he can have a first view by himself onThessaloniki Metro project.



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